Client Feedback

Here are a few of the comments I've received from clients.

"Dear Jay ~ Thank you so incredibly much for your massage and your quite spectacular touch. It was truly a gift to get this type of work done and to end up feeling as I did. Thank you with my all." ~Rebecca

"Jay is gifted, aware and intuitive." ~Nori

"Beautiful sense of caring and connection. Highly recommend. " ~Beaha

"As someone who sits at a computer all day, I completely underestimated how much weekly bodywork could improve my posture and overall comfort. Jay's work has greatly decreased my tenseness and pain." ~Jess

"Jay, that was a great experience. I'll be back..." ~Anonymous

"The best message I've had in years. Maybe ever." ~Michael

"Jay is a very gifted bodyworker."
"This was an extremely good session. It substantially reworked my neck, jaw and collar areas, which were the areas I was seeing the most uptightness and resistance to change."
"Jay and I had an excellent session. His hands and touch were very fine, and he had a knack for engaging in places that were a help to me."
~Ishvara, Harbin Hot Springs Founder

"Jay is one of the most naturally gifted bodyworkers I've come across." ~Aquiana

"Jay- Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm no spring chicken, I've 'been around the block' - as far as massage. You really have a talent that is beyond outstanding. Thank you for your presence, and sharing of your gifts. Just what my body needed, wanted and released. Thank you for reminding my body to relax!" ~Anonymous

"Jay - Thank you so much for the fantastic massage. My whole being greatly appreciates the transformation of your healing touch and presence - an oasis in interesting times." ~Tracy

"When will you be teaching a Deep Tissue class?" ~Christi, Massage Therapist

"I recently received a Watsu® from Jay that took me back to childhood - the smells and sounds of the lake I grew up on in Northern Minnesota. It was a very nurturing experience." ~Jess

watsu painting

A painting of what it feels like to receive a Watsu® by Jess

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